• My top priority is for your safety and the safety of our children to ensure you have a community where you can raise a family and work.

  • To have a Sheriff’s Office that is a trusted friend who is fair, impartial, effective and transparent. 


  • To set an adequate and responsible budget that provides for the safety and security for the citizens of the county.

  • Expand the School Resource Officer Program to continue to provide a safe environment for our children to learn;  the future lies within our youth.


  • Drugs continue to be a problem throughout any community including Pottawatomie County.  We must take a stand as a community to stop the drug problem.  By educating the public, and having the public support and trust, we can combat the drug problem together, and make a difference.

  • Mental Illness continues to be on the rise throughout the country.  The Sheriff’s Office has recognized this, and we are educating our Deputies, Jailers and Dispatchers on mental illness. I will continue this effort and work with community partners to provide resources to individuals who are in need.

  • Continue to build strong relationships with law enforcement agencies within the county and surrounding jurisdictions.